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Re: Managing music library with amaroK

Am Mittwoch 06 Januar 2010 11:45:45 schrieb Valentin Pavlyuchenko:
> 2010/1/6 B. Alexander <storm16@gmail.com>:
> > I tried moving the collection.db and the collection_scan.files out of the
> > way and restarting amarok, but it did not do any good.
> Yes, try to move out all amarok data from .kde.
> Also, if it doesn't help, start amarok from a console with --debug and
> look what it says when scanning collection.
Unfortunately that can be really painfull if you rely on your song ratings, 
like me. I wouldn't want to loose this important meta-data. IMHO amarok should 
be able to detect this kind of corruption - whatever it is - and fix it within 
the existing data.

I suffer from the very same bug and have switched to Rhythmbox meanwhile.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

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