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Managing music library with amaroK

Ever since I upgraded to amaroK 2.x, I have had a problem with the collection manager not seeing various media files, but it is only on one machine, but not on another that is almost identically configured. It appears that a good percentage of them are albums I bought off of Amazon. As I said, this occurs on one box (defiant) but not the other (farragut). They have more or less the same package lists and the same music on both boxes. The main difference is that defiant's amaroK was upgraded from 1.x, and farragut was installed clean.

I tried moving the collection.db and the collection_scan.files out of the way and restarting amarok, but it did not do any good.

Another oddity. Many of the tweaks (like album art, tracks listed as various artists, etc) didn't carry over from the upgrade. So I will check "list tracks under various artists" as I come to them. Well, in various artists, each track creates a new album of the same title. As a for instance, I have the Multiplication Rock album. The tracks were listed in the collection under the individual artists. When I would move them to various artists, I would wind up with an extra Multiplication Rock album...For instance, there are 11 tracks on this album. In my collection, I have 11 instances of Multiplication Rock, and each instance has 11 tracks. This is happening on both machines.

Does anyone have any idea what the cause is or what I can do to fix it? Should I get rid of the entire .kde/share/apps/amarok/*?


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