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Re: KDE + Compiz question

Alle Saturday 28 November 2009, B. Alexander ha scritto:
> I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but here
>  goes...
> I just built a brand new sid box at my new job. On that box, I am
>  running KDE 4.3.2 and using Compiz as a window manager. I know KDE4
>  has its own compositing engine, but to be honest, last time I tried
>  the internal compositing, it took far more CPU power to run than
>  Compiz did, plus there are a couple of features I need that were not
>  included KDE's compositing last time I tried it.
> My machine at work is a similar configuration to what I have on my
>  home box, except on my home box, which was built many moons ago, the
>  compiz-fusion or beryl in the Debian repos was 0.5.x when the latest
>  was 0.7.x, so I used the script that builds the latest and greatest
>  from the git repository.
> On the work box, I used the standard Debian repos...However, emerald
>  is nowhere to be found, so I am unable to change the window borders
>  to anything but the rather bland default that I got when I turned on
>  window decorations in ccsm.
> Anyone running compiz with kde4? How do I change the window borders
>  under KDE if Emerald is no longer a part of Compiz? Apologies if
>  this was the wrong place to ask...
> Thanks,
> --b
Posting many times the same message is not going to help you, on the 
opposite you risk to be boring.
Compiz is not part of KDE and emerald, AFAIK, is not even part of Debian 
at all and this is why you can't find its package. The only help you can 
get here is how to have compiz instead of Kwin. In systemsettings -> 
Default Applications -> Window Manager -> Use a different window manager 
-> choose whatever WM you want.
The other stuff you are looking for is not KDE related and as such, it's 
completely off-topic in this mailing list and you won't probably get any 
help here.


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