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KDE + Compiz question

I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this question, but here goes...

I just built a brand new sid box at my new job. On that box, I am running KDE 4.3.2 and using Compiz as a window manager. I know KDE4 has its own compositing engine, but to be honest, last time I tried the internal compositing, it took far more CPU power to run than Compiz did, plus there are a couple of features I need that were not in KDE's compositing.

My machine at work is a similar configuration to what I have on my home box, except on my home box, which was built many moons ago, and because the compiz-fusion or beryl in the repos was 0.5.x when the latest was 0.7.x, I used the script that builds the latest and greatest from the git repository.

On the work box, I used the standard Debian repos...However, emerald is nowhere to be found, so I am unable to change the window borders to anything but the rather bland default that I got when I turned on window decorations in ccsm.

Anyone running compiz with kde4? Apologies if this was the wrong place to ask...


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