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Re: Iceweasel doesn't close when run on KDE

Manolete, ese artista... wrote:
> Ok. I had been told it could be some issue in Kwin not really terminating
>firefox-bin process when clicking on the close button, that's why I thought
>it was a window manager issue, but there ya'll are, guys, always a source of
>knowledge, ;) . Purged gtk-qt-engine and the problem gone. Now IW looks ugly
>like a tooth-ache, but I'll try Valerio's recommendation.
> Thanks a lot Gombang, Modestas, Vale, :)

Same here, many thanks to Modestas Vainius for the quick pointer.
I installed the "old" gtk2-engines-qtcurve package, and chose it in
systemsettings for gtk apps. It does a ok job given that I use a grayish
dark theme (kfirefox doesn't seem to go well with dark themes).

Having purged "gtk-qt-engine" I realize that it was causing other issues
too, like completely messing the scroll bars (despite applying the "fix"
in systemsettings).

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