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Re: Humble question regarding kde 4.3.3

On Saturday 14 November 2009 11:52:49 Dietz Pröpper wrote:
> are there plans to have kde 4.3.3 packaged in the foreseeable
> future?

 I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but my understanding is
 the Debian package maintainers for KDE are intending to release
 every second minor dot release.  That is, we've got 4.3.2 now,
 and we'll next get 4.3.4.  I think this is predicated on the KDE
 release pattern of a minor dot release every month - if that
 starts to spread out a bit longer between releases, I suspect
 the Debian guys might start doing updates more frequently.

 It's a mammoth amount of work that goes into getting KDE
 wrapped up coherently into a bunch of packages.  As much as
 I'd love to get some of the recent patches that I'm seeing going
 into KDE's SVN, the 8-week cycle is a pretty reasonable and
 workable compromise I think.


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