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[article]: Status Of KNetworkManager

After reading some recent comments here about the state of the KDE
NetworkManager applet in Debian I went hunting for news, and found this
article dated 7th.Nov.2009, which I link here for the benefit of anyone
who's interested but hasn't seen the article :


The article is quite informative about why KNetworkManager has been a
long time coming, and what we can expect anytime soon.

It seems a system tray applet exists now, and a Plasma applet for
KNetworkManager is expected to appear in KDE 4.4, and that also work has
been done to enable the GUI components to interface with alternative
backends (such as 'Wicd') which will be good news for those who don't
think much of 'NetworkManager'.

I realise this might all be well known to some folks here :)

Nick Boyce

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