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Re: KDE Support in Debian

* Jan De Luyck <mailinglists+debiankde_20070717@kcore.org> [2009 Nov 10 09:28 -0600]:
> I'm using KDE4 on my sid (unstable) workstation and laptop without any KDE-
> related problems. 

This may be KDE or Debian related, but I know that on this T41 laptop I
cannot run full desktop effects with the latest Sid.  I use the Radeon
Xorg driver and when I select desktop effects all of the Plasma related
stuff on the screen is corrupted.  Meanwhile, I have Kubuntu 9.10
installed on another partition on this laptop and it absolutely rocks
with full desktop effects enabled--same hardware and Xorg driver.  

I'm not sure if the reason is simply the 2.6.31 kernel in Kubuntu
versus the 2.6.30 kernel in Sid or if the Kubuntu kernel has been
compiled with desktop support and Debian's has not.  Some time ago
after discussion on this list I filed a Debian bug wishlist report
asking for a Debian kernel with the desktop support enabled.  It was
closed as "will not fix" so if that is the difference, then that puts
Debian at a disadvantage on the desktop.

Whatever the reason while I can live without desktop effects, which
even when they worked in Sid were terribly slow, until something comes
along that requires its availability.

- Nate >>


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