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Re: Nepomuk / Strigi index empty?

2009/9/25 BasaBuru <basaburu@basatu.org>:
> On Jueves 24 Septiembre 2009 14:44:35 Cassiano Leal escribió:
> Modestas  Vainius said:
>> Until Soprano has a usable backend (maybe in 4.4 with a lots of luck), this
>> won't work.
> BasaBuru

Ok, I'm fine with that. But shouldn't the option be disabled then?

It actually allows me to enable Strigi and it does whatever it's doing
that's using a lot of I/O and CPU, making me believe that it's
actually doing something useful (albeit taking a loooong time) and
making my computer seem like it's 15 years old! :)

Thanks for the replies!

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