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Re: Perhaps a bit off topic?

El Jueves, 24 de Septiembre de 2009, Manolete, ese artista... escribió:
> Discussing with a friend about that Iceweasel vs Firefox bizantine issue he
> told me something I didn't believe till today when I read it on KDE's
> forum: Amarok's logo is also copyrighted. 

ALL free software is copyrighted. FireFox's logo is proprietary, so it's not 
free software, that's why Debian had to strip it.

> Despite this is a quiestion 
> related to Debian and to a KDE program I understand it's not a technical
> question worth an explanation in this list, but could someone point me to
> some page where is explained why Firefox logo can't be included in Debian
> packages but Amarok's can?

Debian replaced the logo. But Mozilla said that you could not call the product 
FireFox without the logo. Since Debian doesn't want to allow non-free 
content, the whole thing had to be changed.

That's a little bit oversimplified. There were other problems, but at a 
glance, that was the original problem.

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