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Re: Amarok 2.2 Equalizer


On sekmadienis 06 Rugsėjis 2009 02:44:34 Elyk Samoht wrote:
> When Amarok 2 (of which I'm not yet completely fond, although it is
>  improving) just migrated to Testing today, I figured I'd go all the way
>  and updated to 2.1.80 (2.2 Beta 1) from Experimental. I had a moment of
>  hope when I noticed an equalizer section in the settings menu...until I
>  noticed that it was grayed out with a message that "Equalizer not
>  supported by Phonon". Does this mean that Phonon still doesn't support
>  equalizers, but the Amarok team is preparing their interface for when it
>  does? Or is there some package that I can install/configuration option
>  that I can set to enable the equalizer? Thanks.

AFAIK, you need Phonon from trunk. And you will probably need to rebuild 
amarok 2.2b1 against that Phonon...

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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