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Re: Deleting the Selection

In <200907090118.35505.shaforostoff@kde.ru>, Nick Shaforostoff wrote:
>On Четверг 09 июля 2009 01:08:14 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
>> A. (Must be a KMail user)
>>    1. Start kmail or kontact.  (If using kontact, switch to the Mail
>> component.)
>>    2. Choose "Settings" -> "Configure KMail..." from the Menu Bar.
>>    3. Click on any identity.
>>    4. Prepare your eyes, you must watch the next dialog quickly.
>>    5. Click "Modify..."
>> OMGWTF! It auto-selected and deleted my "Full Name".
>> Again, can anyone confirm?  Perhaps this is fixed in 4.3; I'm still
>> using 4.2.x on both openSUSE and Debian.
>i can't.
>does this reproducible for you on your both machines?

Yes.  It started on Day 1 of KDE 4.2 on either machine.

>or it is the same multibooted machine?

No.  openSUSE 11.1 is my work laptop.  Debian Lenny is my home desktop.

>there must be smth special w/ your setup, perhaps Xorg, Qt version or your
> old keyboard...

I'm not at the Debian system, but it should be using Xorg from Lenny and Qt 
from Squeeze.  The keyboard is old, but it is not the same keyboard I use on 
my laptop.

On the laptop I'm using xorg-x11-server-7.4-17.4.1 and libqt4-4.4.3-13.2.  
The keyboard is built into the laptop, and a bit newer than the one on my 

Assuming my memory of the Debian system is correct:  That's Xorg 7.3 on 
Debian and Xorg 7.4 on openSUSE; no match.  That's Qt 4.4 on openSUSE and Qt 
4.5 on Debian; no match.

I'm thinking it must be some hidden configuration issue.  I'll try creating 
a new user and seeing if the behavior persists.  I will report back.
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