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Re: Images in Kmail

On Saturday 27 June 2009 12:57:49 pm Pedro González wrote:
> Thanks Anna and John.
> You are trying to help very sincerely, and I'm very grateful, but
> I think I must explain my situation a bit.
> I have a little experience with Debian and KDE for domestic
> tasks, an I must say I'm in love with them. Twice a  week I work
> from home on my own computer, where I can install whatever I
> want; so I wanted to try Linux and KDE for job. These mails I
> need to compose are to be read even from mobile phones; I cant
> lose time composing several dozen pages every day page in some
> text processor and export to PDF and then attaching and sending;
> as I said, it's my job, I can't be playing with several pieces of
> software and formats. A text processor, a PDF reader to verfy the
> document is ok, and an email client to send, when I can do all
> that with just one piece of software in a 3rd or quarter of the
> time, is just unacceptable for serious work, honestly. Nor I can
> depend on if every single one of my recipients have PDF readers
> installed, or, more important, if for any bug/version
> incompatibility/whatever-reason-technicians-always-say-never-happ
>en-but-users-know-they-do-happen-more-often-than-desirable some of
> them can't open the document, like happens from time to time with
> PDFs, PPSs, ZIPs, etc. Our workers need to have the info we send
> them from office in the precise moment and our clients want their
> info quickly, easily and effectively, not to call us back because
> they don't even know how to install a PDF reader in their PDAs or
> phones (believe it or not there are a lot of people like that in
> this world).
> So, the point is to send some diagrams and graphs with mostly non
> formatted text, something rather simple, quick to do, and
> viewable with any email client or web browser even on old
> equipments, like our company is doing since years. No more
> complications, PDF is not an option, not a better approach at
> all. In business, people don't delete html mails from known
> senders (to be honest even from unknown ones, unless the subject
> is suspicious, in a foreign language or something like that), in
> fact I'd say they are even more common than plain text ones. Our
> clients and workers do know our company isn't sending them spam.
> I suppose that the answer to my wuestion is that Kmail just can't
> compose html mails. I'll have to use Evolution or Thunderbird if
> I don't want to be "prisoner" of Windows anymore at least when
> I'm at home, I guess. As I said in my first mail a html capable
> client is the only thing I miss from Windows in KDE. I'll have to
> use GTK apps, not my favorite option, but not so bad either.
> Thank you anyway, :).

You can use an external composer such as Quanta, Bluefish or Amaya 
to get an email formatted in html.  Visit:
Settings>Configure Kmail>Composer>General
and at the bottom check "Use external editor" and specify which one.
I like Quanta which comes with Slackware but can be downloaded for 
Debian AFAIK.  

John Culleton
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