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Re: KDE apps getting an extra library path

El Jueves, 25 de Junio de 2009, Alejandro Exojo escribió:
> All KDE4 apps fail the same. Now I'm completely puzzled by this. I can't
> understand how a program which comes from the Debian package, tries to
> load, open or link against a file that it should not know that even exists.
> I've double checked that LD_LIBRARY_PATH and KDE* variables are not set,
> and PATH is set, but doesn't include stuff from that directory.

I forgot to say that I've checked ~/.kde/env and ~/.kde/Autostart to not do 
anything nasty.

I've also found that renaming ~/local/kde4 to something else fixes the 
problem, so I guess that cmake does something on installation that wasn't 
doing previously. Not a big deal, but if someone knows where is this set, it 
will be great.

Thanks again.

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