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KDE apps getting an extra library path


As I usually do when a KDE release is close, I've compiled kdelibs, 
kdepimlibs, kdebase and other needed modules (akonadi and phonon, IIRC) from 
SVN's source, and I've installed it in my home directory.

I just did 'cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$KDEDIR ../../kdefoo' to set the 
source, where KDEDIR is set to $HOME/local/kde4, and a 'make install' to 
compile and install, everything as the same regular user.

This is been perfectly safe since now, because the KDE installation from the 
Debian packages can't see that there is stuff in my home directory unless I 
want to. When I wanted to run an app locally installed, I sourced the 
attached script in a shell, which sets up some environment variables, run the 
program from that shell, and that's all.

However, now I'm having for the first time in years a problem with this. 
Programs installed _from the packages_ fail to start with this problem:

okular: symbol lookup 
error: /home/alex/local/kde4/lib/kde4/plugins/styles/oxygen.so: undefined 

All KDE4 apps fail the same. Now I'm completely puzzled by this. I can't 
understand how a program which comes from the Debian package, tries to load, 
open or link against a file that it should not know that even exists. I've 
double checked that LD_LIBRARY_PATH and KDE* variables are not set, and PATH 
is set, but doesn't include stuff from that directory.

Any ideas?

Alex (a.k.a. suy) | GPG ID 0x0B8B0BC2
http://barnacity.net/ | http://disperso.net

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