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Re: kde4, jackd, phonon and synth apps

On Sun 2009-06-21, George Kiagiadakis wrote:
> This is a known problem. Phonon is an API which can have different
> backends. We currently ship two backends, phonon-backend-gstreamer
> and phonon-backend-xine. The xine one is the recommended and the one
> that works without problems. The gstreamer one has been reported many
> times to cause problems, especially that it locks the sound devices.

 Hi George - thank you so much, your solution worked a treat.  I did
 some apt-cache searches to see what other stuff I'd gotten, but
 didn't even think to look for alternatives for the phonon backend

 I added -xine, removed -gstreamer, restarted kde and traverso and
 qjackctl work perfectly.  I'm confident the other apps will work (or
 at the very least, it'll be much easier to fix problems).

 thanks again,

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