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Re: kde4, jackd, phonon and synth apps

2009/6/21 jedd <jedd@progsoc.org>:
>  If I don't run jackd before starting kde, then kde is fine, but
>  running qjackctl fails to launch jackd.  lsof suggests that knotify4
>  and plasma are both using/locking the alsa device.  They hint that
>  it's a gstreamer thing (but I thought *that* was a gnome product) and
>  not something for us.  Trying to remove gstreamer (apt-get) reveals
>  that it is in fact an integral part of kde4.

This is a known problem. Phonon is an API which can have different
backends. We currently ship two backends, phonon-backend-gstreamer and
phonon-backend-xine. The xine one is the recommended and the one that
works without problems. The gstreamer one has been reported many times
to cause problems, especially that it locks the sound devices. It is a
packaging bug that the gstreamer backend is installed by default and
we will fix that soon. Now, to solve the locking device problem,
please install phonon-backend-xine and remove phonon-backend-gstreamer
(with this order; trying to remove -gstreamer before installing -xine
will fail).

About the jack issues, I don't know... I have never used jack.


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