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Web Shortcuts (was: Random questions about KDE4.2)

In <[🔎] 200906101232.13509.zarl_jo@gmx.at>, Johannes Zarl wrote:
>1) Web Shortcuts:
>How do I enable Web shortcuts (i.e. "wp:" for wikipedia, "gg:" for google,
>     etc.) in the Alt-F2 dialog?  Somehow, even though I have checked the
> corresponding box in the dialogue-settings, KRunner just sits there and
> does nothing.
>I know, this has been mentioned before on this list. Debian bug #529861
>corresponds to this and is already closed, but I still experience this
>behaviour. Can anyone else confirm this?

I can confirm this works on KDE 4.2.4 on openSUSE.  My Debian KDE 4 
installation is down (bad motherboard) right now.

I suggest trying KDE 4.2.4 (should be in Sid) and if the issue persists with 
the new version reopening the bug you mentioned (529861).
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