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Re: How to log out

Alle giovedì 04 giugno 2009, Diederik de Haas ha scritto:
>  do have that blue button, but it invokes the shutdown procedure :-/
> Ctl + Alt + Backspace does work for me, since I have the DontZap Serverflag
> in my xorg.conf.The C+A+BS 'solution' was actually written in annoyance
> since I fell in the logout trap for the gazillianth time.
> In another post I also saw the sysprint button mentioned, but I don't know
> which key that is.
sysprint is the key you press when you want a screenshot of your desktop, usually it's 
already bound to ksnapshot.

> Right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Logout does have the desired
> effect, thanks!
Ok, good news. At least you don't need that combination unless you have real big problems.

> On my brothers system (Kubuntu with KDE 4.2.2) that logout button does what
> is supposed to do. Does that mean that this is a Debian packaging problem
> (and therefor should be reported on b.d.o)
This is the first time someone reports this issue here, thus I think that this could be 
just your problem (i.e: misconfiguration). Indeed I have several Debian installations and 
none behaves in this way. Have you given a try to a completely new user?

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