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Re: How to keep KDE at 3.5 in Sid installations.

On Thursday 21. May 2009 23:38:17 Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Wednesday 20 May 2009 16:22:34 Mike Bird wrote:


> > We can no longer run Testing anywhere.  Eventually I expect we'll run
> > into video driver problems on new hardware but thus far we've been OK
> > with Lenny.
> Hopefully by then XFCE will be fully usable.  It is well on the way.  Nowhere 
> near as nice as KDE3.5, of course, but it has a huge head start on KDE4.

From the day development versions of KDE 4 compiled, there were users
complaining. Many of them tried to talk to the developers about what could
be improved, many wrote bug reports, some even started contributing, adopted
unmaintained software and some wrote rants about the way KDE 4 sucked in.
All that is helpful in its own way. But there were also those who just
told everyone that they will be switching to GNOME, XFCE, OS X, Vista, XP,
Console, Abacus, whatever.

I never understood the intention of the latter ones. It helps noone. That's
what Twitter is for.

I am only subscribed here for a few days but these days felt like planet.k.o
or kde-devel@k.o about a year ago. If that is the usual chant here, then I
apologize for disturbing the routine.


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