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Re: multiple KDE3.5.10 sessions and XDMCP

jedd wrote, on 13/05/09 06:19:
On Monday 04 May 2009, Arthur Marsh wrote:
I'd like to have 2 KDE sessions possible on each box, one on vt7 and
one on vt8, and to be able to access one machine from the other using
XDMCP (or anything else that does not have significant overhead on a
slow pc).

 Hi Arthur,

 Did you resolve this one?  I seem to recall some magic in
 some /etc/ config files, but nothing too spectacular was
 required.  My K | Switch User breaks, but if I do K | Lock Screen,
 I can then login as another user, which starts the second
 session just fine.

 Does this approach work for you?


Yes, using the KDE 3.5 K menu's "switch user" worked, at least on my old machine (PII-266 running unstable). The new machine has a dual core amd64 cpu.

Is there any way to set up a second kdm login on vt8 without having to run "switch user" first?

I can post existing configuration files for both machines if someone can let me know which are important for doing this. I would like to restrict the remote logins to the other machine only (assigned to the old and to the new) and *not* use encryption as this would slow the PII-266 machine too much.

Thanks for your suggestion and any further help.


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