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Re: Not Mouse or Keyboard in login screen

On Monday 11 May 2009 15:22:25 Enzo Cappa wrote:
> On Lun 11 May 2009 01:32:16 Guan de dio escribió:
> > Well, I'm not sure
> >
> > I installed a old Debian etch in the PC and after that I make the
> > dist-upgrade to sid branch.
> >
> > Apparently the  upgrade was successful, but the mouse and kbd did not
> > make nothing in the login.
> >
> > I download a new lenny CD to try the installation with a most recent
> > brunch. I don't know what is happen
> >
> > GUAN
> The same happened to me. In my case, the dist-upgrade deleted the xserver-
> xorg-input-mouse and xserver-xorg-input-kbd packages. Try to install it
> manually.
> Good luck!

When I saw in synaptic that the mouse and kbd drivers were to be removed, I 
clicked them for ugrade as well and (manual install) thus was able to keep 
them so had no problem. If you want your "old" console look, choose "vga" when 
that new console-setup configures.

Implication is that the olde mouse and keyboard drivers should no longer be 
used but we now know better :-)

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