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Re: State of Konqueror - Was: Konqueror: webkit instead of khtml

Alle Tuesday 28 April 2009, Felix Homann ha scritto:
> Most probably, your rather a little less ;-) The effect grows with the
> size of your mailboxes. KMail didn't stop working for me, either. I
> stopped working with KMail, because I couldn't fluently write emails
> anymore. While KMail was filtering my Emails the GUI would freeze.

Probably a misconfiguration of Kmail, since I have collected all the messages from 2001 and I never experience
a slowdown: I have set the filters in a way that messages that don't need to be scanned never pass through spamassassin. Not bad for less than an average user, isn't?
> The larger your mailbox the longer the freezes would stay.
Do you mean that kmail always scans every mail you had received before? This is not a default behavior.
Usually kmail should just process incoming emails: check your configuration.


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