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Re: Configuration tips requested

Nate Bargmann said:

> As I've used KDE4 on Debian, I've found some configuration features that
> were in 3.5.x that I can't seem to find in 4.2.2.  Among those are:
> * Bash shell beep in Konsole.  I've used Bash for so many years that the
> beep is a second nature sort of feedback and not having it is slowing me
> down during operations such as tab completion and Aptitude searching.

Check out Settings/Configure notifications. I've no idea what the events 
are that it is monitoring, though, those descriptions are rubbish.
> * No Web search bar in Konqueror to the right of the address bar.

Settings/Extensions/Search bar

> * The middle mouse button doesn't open a link in a new tab in Konqueror.

Settings/Configure Konq/Web browsing/Middle click opens...
> * Tapping the <Print Screen> key seems to do nothing whereas it used to
> call Ksnapshot.  Ksnapshot is installed and works.

Works here, but see System settings/Input actions and add an entry for:
  shortcut: Print
  command url: ksnapshot


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