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Re: Coexistence betwend kde3 and kde4

A Dijous 16 Abril 2009, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. va escriure:
> In <[🔎] 200904161610.57353.leo@alaxarxa.net>, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
> >I don't want to install kde3 and kde4 in the same box.
> >
> >However, I administrate several boxes and I would like to have some box
> > with unstable (kde 4.2.2) and stable (kde 3.5.9) using the same /home for
> > the users (ergo .kde)
> >
> >So, is this possible?
> I suggest that you set KDE_HOME in your global environment on the different
> systems.  Using "~/.kde<major>.<minor>", for example .kde3.5 and .kde4.2,
> should be sufficient.  I think KDE_HOME is the only thing that needs to be
> set, but you might want to double-check me.

where do you set up this?

I have done a :
grep -R KDE_HOME /etc/* 

with no results.

> I still have a .kde3.4 and a .kde3.5 (.kde is a symlink) from doing
> something similar for different reasons.




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