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Re: components not working after upgrade to KDE 422 (and move to .kde)


Modestas Vainius wrote:
> On 2009 m. April 9 d., Thursday 18:36:47 Xavier Brochard wrote:
>> I'm using KDE 4 since the beginning (on Sid with experimental packages).
>> Yesterday I've upgraded to KDE 422 and migrate my .kde4 to .kde
>> Some hardware related things are not working anymore since the upgrade
>> (I'm using a laptop):
>> - phonon says that the sound card has been removed
> Try rm ~/.kde/share/config/phonondevicesrc

does nothing

>> - the network-manager applet put the wifi controler on off and thus
>> doesn't access wifi networks, it also crash the whole plasma desktop when
>> I try to change the number of wifi networks displayed.
> That widget is very fragile. Do not expect it to work most of the time. Or
> rather do not be surprised when it breaks. The reason there is no update
> is because later svn revision is worse than the current one in
> experimental.

I know about that. But I'm one of the lucky guys for whom the network-
manager applet was working like a charm.

>> - the battery monitor plasma applet doesn't detect the battery any more
>> - powerdevil can't restore the display after suspend to ram.
> powerdevil does not restore display, kernel/uswsusp/X do. battery issue
> might be related to hal, not sure.

X11-xserver-xutils was upgraded, but I didn't find any related program in 

BTW, it looks like there is no option to disable PowerDevil, or I'm stupid?

>> I've checked with Fedora 10 that all theses components are still working
>> normaly.
> Could you check with fresh user account or at least with fresh ~/.kde
> profile?

It was my first check (new user account with same rights as me)! sorry, I 
forgot to say it.
Exactly the same problems.

>> So, before investigate and make some bug reports, I wonder if this is KDE
>> known problems ?
> I don't have problems with phonon and battery. However, suspend2ram does
> not work on my laptop due to kernel issues.

Every thing was working fine for me before this upgrade.

I forgot to say that Kmix crash at launch 
and that restoring from suspend to ram produce either a psychedelic or a 
blank screen (the graphic drivers were not updated).

I will install some Gnome components, will see.


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