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Re: [ANN] KDE 4.2 moving to unstable *this* week

El Lunes, 6 de Abril de 2009, Lisi Reisz escribió:
> For goodness sake!  I would expect a two year old to show more patience
> when waiting for a sweetie.  You were told that 4.2.2 would make it to Sid
> soon - I think that this week was mentioned.  That should be enough.
> If you want timed releases, switch to Ubuntu.  I think Ubuntu tells you not
> only the date but also the time of day.

You are completely overreacting. Nobody is complaining about the way Debian 
works, or the work the KDE packagers are doing.

I'm pretty sure that one quick and polite question in the *users* mailinglist 
that asks if there are updates or not is not a problem for the developers if 
happens once in a while. The problem is annoying people that send messages to 
the developers list, ask rudely or repeating questions already answered in 
the list, or even worse, privately, which I've always considered very 

So please, calm down, because that way of reacting is not helping either.

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