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Re: kde4 backport

On 2009-04-03, Martin Alfke <tuxmea@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 11:03 AM, Ferdi Thommes <devil@sidux.com> wrote:
>> I have seen differing statements on kaboom handling debian kde4 backports.
>> can someone make this clear please?
> Hi,
> I can only speak behalf of the unofficial backports on debian-desktop.org.

There is absolutely no support for migrating data from unofficial
backports on debian-desktop.org. Those are very unsupported and very

We are not putting out the same safetynet out under upgrades from
non-debian provided packages. Basically, we are putting some extra
warnings for upgrades from versions of kdelibs << 4:4.2.2

Kaboom will migrate data until it is run for the first time (it is
creating a stamp file in ~/.local/ and run by startkde), so it should
succeed in upgrading later versions, but let me repeat. This is not

And as debian-desktop.org packages things with a higher version than in
debian, upgrading from those packages will be even harder. If anyone
into debian-desktop is reading along, please use a version like
4.2.2-1~debian-desktop1 or something like that for a backport of the
4.2.2-1 debian package. Else, upgrades to debian wont't work and users
will be screwed. 
Note that backporting 4.2.2 and later will be harder due to the things
done with the migration from .kde4 to .kde.


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