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Re: kde4 backport


On 2009 m. April 3 d., Friday 13:54:45 Ferdi Thommes wrote:
> thanks for your reply.
> i think i have not made myself clear.
> my quest was if kaboom will be able to switch a kde4 backport to a proper
> 4.2.2 install in unstable. i guess thats for someone else to clarify.
I don't know which backports you have in mind:

1) If the one from kde4.debian.net, then upgrading from it to unstable SHOULD 
work (in a sence that I don't see why there should be backport specific bugs). 
However, we are probably not going to test such upgrades, hence it is 
unsupported in this regard.

2) If the one from another completely unofficial source, then there will be no 
support in any regard. Especially when the version of those backports jump >= 

Supported upgrades are from KDE 3.5 currently in Lenny/Sid and KDE4 in 

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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