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Re: New plasma-widgets

Alle venerdì 27 marzo 2009, Mark Purcell ha scritto:
> I guess some more localised plugins for local weather would be a sensible way
> forward.

Following the suggestion from Modestas, I have filed an RFP to Debian BTS, but I have decided to promote the packaging of a different plasmoid for weather forecast that can use much more weather services than those already packaged and the one proposed by me at the beginning: its name is CWP and his already one of the preferred plasmoids among kde-look users.


As usual, there is a trade off between simplicity and possibility to configure application: this one is a bit more complicated than yaWP.
I don't know if there is a way to push for packaging an application on Debian, in particular this plasmoid is not at all a priority, anyhow if you like it and want to follow its packaging, here there is the link to the "bug":


For those who can't wait, it's simple to compile it following the instructions inside the tarball.

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