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Re: New plasma-widgets

Alle venerdì 27 marzo 2009, Modestas Vainius ha scritto:
> Select source "BBC Weather", enter the city below and press "Search". It
> should not be a big problem to get forecast for Europe countries from that
> source. However, current situation wrt weather plasmoids is ridiculous though.

Thank you, I have just discovered that if you put Roma in the search field, they give you Roma in Queensland, while if you ask for Rome, then they give you Rome, Italy... Anyhow I don't live in Rome/Roma but in a smaller centre and to find a working city name, considering this mess between English names and Italian names, near enough is not that easy using this Weather Applet. The other I mentioned is straight forward at least for me.

>A standard procedure is to file RFP.
I'm going to use this standard procedure, my intention was just asking it in an informal way before any other step.

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