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Re: Plasma breaks now in experimental respo

On Friday 06 March 2009 14:18:48 Ningyu Shi wrote:
> Hi! After I update my kdelibs & kdebase-runtime to 4.2.1-1, 
> kde startup, after the splash screen, plasma crashes for 4.2.0-1. 
> plasma (kdebase-workspace-bin) updated to 4.2.0-2 today, it doesn't
> crash now, but the desktop is not showing up leaving only a empty
> background with some red crosses on it. Do you guys have any hint 
> this?

Odd, plasma (and the rest of KDE 4) still works on my system, and I 
upgraded to 4.2.1 (when available) yesterday or the day before.  
Could be a problem with you plasmarc?  Have you tried moving your 
configuration out of the way and seeing if it works with no/default 

> btw, when will all the kde related packages be expected to updat to
> 4.2.1? I guess that might solve my problem :)

When they are ready.
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