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Re: Two xorg processes running (KDE 4.2)

El Viernes 27 Febrero 2009, John Kapnogiannis escribió:
> Hello there,
> I just noticed in system monitor that two xorg processes are running. I
> am using KDE 4.2 and only Gdm is enabled (I'm sure kdm is not running).
> I also use desktop effects (maybe that is the reason).
> The two processes use exactly the same amount of allocated (and shared)
> memory but only one of the them appears to use the cpu (according to
> system monitor).
> Well the bad thing is that these two processes could and up using half
> of my memory (1024MB) so do you think this behavior is normal??
> Thanks,
> John
> PS: Just to mention,in my system gnome desktop has not been removed (I
> just installed the kde4 package). I prefer having both in my system.

Maybe who --all could help you to discover who's running those 2 Xorg 


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