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nepomuk/strigi - searching on tags returns nothing

Hi All,
I'm using current kde 4.2.0 packages from experimental - but I've not
yet worked out how to get the desktop search working on tags.

I have "Nepomuk Semantic Desktop" enabled in systemsettings, however I
can't enable the strigi desktop file indexer (I presume) because of
the "Strigi service not running" message underneath the checkbox.

I've tried starting the service manually with the `strigidaemon`
command, and I've done a manual index using the `strigiclient` tool.
The systemsettings dialog still claims the service isn't running
though, and searches on tags I know exist (and nepomuk knows exist
because I get a prompt for them in krunner) still return nothing.

Does anyone have this working? Can you point me in the right direction
for a resolution?


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