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Re: Broken dependencies kde4.2?

2009/2/23 Moritz Kirchner <moritz_kirchner@gmx.de>:
> Sorry for bothering you, but I think there might be some broken dependencies.
> I'm trying to install KDE4.2 on a debian-sid system from experimental repositories, but aptitude can't install it, becuase kde4-minimal depends on "kdebase-workspace-bin >=4:4.2.0-2 but 4:4.2.0-1 is to be installed". I think the kde4-minimal refers to wrong pakets or did I oversee something?

I don't know but I think they are working on the version 4.2.0-2.
Probably you have to wait few days until these work will be done.
Remember that you are using the experimental repository :-)

Enrico Agliotti
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