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Re: can't play any video in dragon player

On Wednesday 04 February 2009 13:17:04 Christoph Burgmer wrote:
> > before upgrade i was using xine backend.
> The backend are not intended do be completly feature compatible with
> regards to formats understood as I understand it. I have music here that
> works with xine but not with gstreamer.
> > Am i missing something? Should i return to xine backend?
> I switched back to xine and I guess that one just has to check what fits
> best to one's personal needs.

In fact using the xine backend everything works again.

I was asking because with gstreamer i cannot even play ogg videos, which is a 
free format and so should be well supported.
It just seemed strange that the preferred (the one automatically installed) 
backend cannot handle it and i immediately thought about a problem...


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