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Re: Audio CD MP3 encoding options location?

El Lunes, 19 de Enero de 2009, Curt Howland escribió:
> Reading the bug, I find it astounding that the command line options
> are not accessable AT ALL. I knew kcontrol didn't have them, but to
> have such things compiled in seems...counterproductive.
> It seems I've found a limit to the much vaunted
> KDE "configurability". :^)
> Many thanks, Simone. I guess I'll piggy-back on the bug and see what
> happens.

Just in case you (or other list subscriber) don't know, K3B is excellent in 
ripping audio CDs. Unfortunately, you can't tune the command line options 
either (or at least you can't with vorbis), but I find it nicer and more 
convenient than the kioslave.

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