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Re: [KDE 4.1 backports] No Paste with Dolphin

Am Thursday, 15. January 2009 schrieb Christoph Burgmer:

> Am Thursday, 15. January 2009 schrieb Bruno Miguel:

> > I'm using KDE 4.1 backports in Lenny and, since I updated to KDE 4.1.3,

> > I'm not able to paste anything with Dolphin. This happens while in KDE

> > 4.1.3 or Gnome 2.22. I can (i think) copy and cut, but no paste.


> Same over here but with experimental 4.1.4, whereas it worked before. There

> are bug reports on bugs.kde.org, maybe you have the patience to hang on to

> them. It seems that this behaviour happens for many people on many

> different systems since the early releases of KDE4. For some it is even an

> indeterministic occurence.

My local copy&paste problem seems to be related to a only half-done upgrade from 4.1.3 which I didn't realise. The rest of the 4.1.4 packages appeared later including dolphin and konqueror. Once installed it made pasting work again.


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