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Re: kde 4.2 beta showstoppers?


after upgrading to the latest version of kde4.2 from kde42.debian.net, kmail 
crashed every time I tried to open a signed message. This issue was easily 
solved by upgrading libgpgme11 to version 1.1.8-1. Thus, it would be good to 
update the dependency of future versions of kdepimlibs5 from libgpgme11 (>= 
1.1.6) to libgpgme11 (>=1.1.8).

Anyway, thanks for packaging kde 4.2 betas.


On Monday 22 December 2008 12:15:04 Xavier Vello wrote:
> Hello
> > I'm willing to give the 4.2 beta packages a try - as long as my
> > fundamental application is still working (kmail).
> > What are the experiences? Does kmail run without problems and what is the
> > state of akonadi? Is it save to use?
> KMail is rock solid here (with pop accounts), and with a lovely new folder
> view. It still doesn't use akonadi for email storage.
> Only apps using akonadi are kabc and korganiser, data is migrated
> automaticaly on first start (keeping the old format as a backup).
> As for me kdepim4.2 is ok.
> Regards

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