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Re: [KDE 4.2 snapshots] Compiling kde4libs - unresolved symbols


penktadienis 26 Gruodis 2008, Stephan Hachinger rašė:
> Now with 4.1.85 dh_makeshlibs -plibplasma3 ends up with an error (log
> attached, it shows the build process after make install). As I've never had
> anything similar (I guess old dpkg ver's did not check symbols that
> extensively?!?), I'll be glad if someone can give me a hint (or reference)
> how to resolve this. Esp. if so. could give a hint which lib I'm missing
> etc, I'd be really happy.
Remove debian/libplasma3.symbols.in and do libplasma3 shlibs versioning 
yourself. Alternatively, you can fix debian/libplasma3.symbols.in yourself 
(remove symbols, which are not # but become missing (-)). I guess the error 
occurs because you're building with gcc 4.1, not 4.3.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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