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[KDE 4.2 snapshots] Compiling kde4libs - unresolved symbols

Hi all,

I'm compiling KDE 4.1.85 on Debian *Etch* (using dpkg-buildpackage). I know that's crazy, but with 4.1 I still managed, as I compiled/upgraded also the necessary libraries.

Now with 4.1.85 dh_makeshlibs -plibplasma3 ends up with an error (log attached, it shows the build process after make install). As I've never had anything similar (I guess old dpkg ver's did not check symbols that extensively?!?), I'll be glad if someone can give me a hint (or reference) how to resolve this. Esp. if so. could give a hint which lib I'm missing etc, I'd be really happy.

Have nice holidays,

Stephan Hachinger

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