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KPackage in KDE4

    I installed yesterday KDE4 in my Debian Testing.
    After fixed some problems, I got to install it. I like very much the new aparence but when I try to manage my package using a GUI application I have the following issue.
      1st- I try to use KPackage form KDE4, I needed to install the smartpm form unsatable branch and KPackages is hold when try to show the information.
      2nd- Adept is death in testing and Adept 3 is very unstable.
      3rd- In KPackage and in Dolphi I show that some Icons are with "?", I soppouse that I need to install some package but I don't know. I installed  KDE4 using;
              apptitude install kde4  
     So I think it might to install ALL KDE4, didn't it?      

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