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Re: [KDE 4.1 backports] First login crash KDM

CK Raju wrote:
I deleted the /home/user/.kde4 directory completely and started kdm
again. The problem went away.
I renamed it... so I can restore some settings...

CK Raju

On 11/22/08, Grammostola Rosea <rosea.grammostola@gmail.com> wrote:
Vachirasuk Setalaphruk wrote:
I am using kde 4.1 backport from kde4.debian.net.

Last night, I upgraded my kde to 4.1.3, among the upgrade there is kdm
4.1.3-3~lenny+2 and also new install for ConsoleKit due to new dependency.
Now when I login (input user name and password then enter, from kdm
screen) the first time after boot, it seems to crash and send me to login
screen again.

In syslog, I see:

kdm: :0[3091]: ConsoleKit open: Unable to open session: La
unch helper exited with unknown return code 0
kdm: :0[3091]: Client start failed

Anyone know what's going on or how to rectify this?


I have the same, I need to log in twice...

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