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Re: KDE 4.2

On Monday 2008-11-17, Sune Vuorela wrote:
> On 2008-11-17, Arnout Boelens <aboelens@engin.umass.edu> wrote:
> > I have a question for the KDE packagers. What will be the version of
> > KDE 4 = in=20
> > experimental when KDE 4.2 beta 1 comes out? Will this version be
> > uploaded, = or=20
> > will the version of KDE in experimental be KDE 4.1.x untill KDE 4.2
> > final i= s=20
> > released?
> This is your chance to influence the decision, but I think it is very
> probably will end up that way (unless lenny is released first)
> /Sune

my vote goes to 4.2 beta, that said, 4.1.x is serving me fine so if I have 
to wait awhile for 4.2 that's ok to
(big kudo's for all the kde packagers btw, you've been doing a fantastic 
Cheers, Cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)

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