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Re: Kopete 4.1.3: Top-left icon is missing

> Hmm, there is no package like kde-base-icons or similar and of course, I
> reinstalled kopete before I wrote that mail.
> I wrote that mail because I looked at other packages content (for example
> kmail, akregator) and there is an icons called
> /usr/share/kde4/apps/akregator/about/top-left-akregator.png
> and this icon and path is missing in kopete.
> Any suggestions?

Try generating another user and see if kopete has the same behaviour. I have
been using it since 4.0 and didn't had the problem you describe.

With another user I got the same result, kopete has no top-left icon and no icon the the
systray (a question mark) will be displayed.
Very strange...


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