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Re: Kopete 4.1.3: Top-left icon is missing

Hmm, there is no package like kde-base-icons or similar and of course, I reinstalled kopete before I wrote that mail.
I wrote that mail because I looked at other packages content (for example kmail, akregator) and there is an icons called

and this icon and path is missing in kopete.

Any suggestions?

Jeibie H пишет:

Hi there,

a small but annoying problem, the top-left-icon of kopete is missing,
instead a question mark is displayed. As a result of this, if kopete
is minimized to system tray there will also a question mark be
This occurs with all kopete versions since kde4.0.
Is this a problem of my machine or does anyone else run into the same problem?


It seems that it is your problem if it occured since 4.0, as I've been using debian experimental versions of kde4 and no such problem appeared to me even with current versions. Try reinstalling packages with icons(it's something like kde-base-icons) and kopete package.

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