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[SOLVED] Re: [KDE 4.1 backports] Announce: Backport for KDE 4.1.2 and Qt 4.4.3 available

>> The error is that I never get everything upgraded. To clarify I attach a
>> bigger output this time.
> I think, on the contrary, that you get everything upgraded everytime.... to 
> the same version. This happens with me with some packages in aptitude from 
> times to times, but I do not understand why. Cleaning apt cache 
> with "aptitude clean" may help though.

Thank you! A simple "aptitude clean" really did the trick. Shame on me that I did not try this before...

As I did not encounter such a problem before (although I sometimes heavily mix releases etc.) this seems to be something left over from the syncing problems the repository had...

Thanks again everyone!


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