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Re: [KDE 4.1 backports] Lacking smartpm-core lead kde4 to not install on lenny

Le dimanche 24 août 2008 à 11:02, ZeWaren / Erwan Martin a écrit :
> Hi,
> I tried to install kde4 yesterday. This is my experience.
> I set up a minimal lenny, and then I ran "apt-get install kde4", but
> aptitude refused to install it, because of a lacking dependency. So I
> tried kde4-minimal, which worked fine.
> Today I tried to aptitude kde4 again, and I managed to determine what
> package I was lacking.
> It was "smartpm-core". So I downloaded it from the debian website, use
> dpkg and "apt-get -f install", and now it's working.
> If my experience can help anyone...
> Erwan Martin.

Same problem for me. 

Laurent Léonard

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