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Re: Building kdevelop

Le Saturday 23 August 2008 10:32:03 Michael Thaler, vous avez écrit :
> Hi
> I installed KDE 4.1 from experimental and I am very happy with it. Great
> job everybody!
> I am trying to build kdevelop2 but I get the following error message:
> CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:13 (find_package):
>   find_package could not find module FindKDevPlatform.cmake or a
>   configuration file for package KDevPlatform.
> Which package does contain FindKDevPlatform.cmake? I installed obvious
> candidates (kdesdk-dev) but it does not contain FindKDevPlatform.cmake.


Kdevelop requires kdevplatform which will be an official KDE module for 4.2. 
There has not been an official release of kdevplatform/kdevelop since a lot of 
time and SVN versions now need kdelibs>4.1 (that is to say the future 4.2) so 
you won't be able to compile it without compiling a lot of svn stuff.

We already have begun packagaging the thing in our svn and will hopefully 
release packages the day upstream developpers tell us so.

As a conclusion, you should wait KDE 4.2 to use kdevelop4, or if you really 
want, checkout /trunk/KDE/kdevplatform and /trunk/KDE/kdevelop from the KDE 
SVN and roll back revisions until one compiles. Sorry, I deleted my build 
directories, so I can't tell which exactly.

Xavier Vello

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