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Re: Qtopia

On Sunday 10 August 2008 15:35:46 Michael Schuerig wrote:
> I apologize that this question doesn't fit squarely with this group's
> topic, but haven't found a better place to ask.
> I'd like to dabble in programming for the Qtopia platform, however, as
> far as I can tell, there are no packages for the current 4.x edition
> development tools, although there is an older qt3-dev-tools-embedded
> package.
> Can anyone give me a hint how to install the necessary dev tools without
> damaging my existing Qt installation?
> Michael

No, there is no Qtopia in Debian (at least yet, I may give it  a try, as it 
would be useful to the QDE project).

You should (if I remember well enough) use the --prefix to install qt for 
embedded systems in another place, anyway I think the default is /usr/local, 
in which you are on the safe side. 

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